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About Us

About Us

M Dream Property Ltd.

M Dream Property Ltd. was established in the local area in 2002 and specialises in residential lettings. Due to high reliability and a thorough knowledge of the property market our company has built a solid reputation and is well known for providing lettings and property management services based on many years of experience and good understanding of clients’ needs.

Our goals are simple. We seek to expand and become the most successful letting agency within the area and set a new standard in terms of quality and value for money while promoting our values, such as: fairness, quality, affordability and exceeding customer satisfaction when it comes to our tenants.

We focus on individual tenants’ and landlords’ needs in order to find the most corresponding solutions for our clients.

Our friendly and hard-working team will do their best to understand and meet your expectations. Furthermore, they will always advise you should you need a professional opinion or help while dealing with property matters.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us:

Chris on  07825709796,

Marta on  07837554458

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